Our $1.7 million Media Arts Centre combines interactive television, sound, news, journalism, radio and graphic design facilities for you to hone your skills, gain real-world experiences and explore new ideas.

TV studio

Planning on studying screen production?

Our broadcast quality TV studio will give you the opportunity to gain hands-on, real-world experience in all roles required to create video productions.

If you’re unsure what your passion in production is, you will get the opportunity to explore what it’s like to be a cameraperson, soundperson, director, switcher, floor manager and more.

The space has two state of the art digital studios: the floor space and the control room. Both spaces are capable of film, video and sound production, meaning you can explore a range of industry standard facilities to hone your skills for the real world.

The floor space comprises of multiple cameras so that you can capture ‘live’ action or performance. The space can be used to create visual sets, create illusion of infinite space and produce lighting effects to suit all programme styles. Some of the equipment you will work with includes:

  • green screen – used to create visual sets and make things appear to be somewhere other than in the studio
  • black curtain – used to highlight subjects
  • white cyclorama – used to create the illusion of infinite space
  • autocue – allows you to look directly at the camera and read a script at the same time
  • lighting – produce lighting effects to suit many styles of programmes.

The control room allows you to explore different audio and video inputs for production. It is also where special effects are controlled.

The control room is where switching, titling, animated transitions, multi-layer compositing, chroma key for virtual sets and downstream keying are controlled in real-time, meaning you’ll gain practical experience by utilising the control rooms features and functionalities.


Our soundstage and accompanying control room is a large multi-purpose production space that can be configured as a screen production space, photographic studio, recording studio or live performance venue.

With a floor space over 150 square metres, 7 metres height with a comprehensive lighting rig. It can accommodate large sets for film or photographic productions, large bands and orchestras for music productions, and audiences for live performance or exhibition.

The control room is mainly used when the soundstage is configured as a recording studio or live performance venue. It features a professional mixing console and professional recording equipment for audio production. You can use it for a range of media including live sound, music production, broadcast production and sound post-production for film and television.


As a creative arts student, you will get the opportunity to learn in the newsroom which is the production hub for our media online news services. You will also get to prepare news under the guidance and direction of an industry news editor.

You will gain hands-on experience by utilising newsroom equipment and software, including:

  • recording gear – to record phone interviews and preparing video and audio news packages
  • specialised software – to write and produce bulletins with associated audio, video grabs or still photos
  • satellite television – web and news wires to keep you in touch with world events.

Print journalism space

Learn how to incorporate theoretical and practical aspects of journalism when using the print journalism space. You will be given a range of topics to write stories on with the help of experienced lecturers and gain hands-on experience by preparing interviews, organising photoshoots and carrying out research.

The print journalism space allows you to collaborate ideas and learn from other fellow students, as well as:

  • discuss aspects of news – including ethics and legal requirements
  • utilise the computer labs – to write engaging newsworthy stories
  • use specialised computer software and hardware to prepare online, newspaper and magazine layouts.

Radio studios

Deepen your knowledge of broadcasting and communications by exploring our three radio studios. You will get to work alongside your peers and understand the different functionalities of each radio studio. Get the opportunity to switch between live programs, work on the news and go ‘live’ on air.

Experience what it’s like being a presenter in our news studio where you will read bulletins directly from the monitor.

The live studio is where you can broadcast a two-hour program featuring both music and stories, live to Radio Fremantle 107.9FM.

Working in groups, you can take turns and explore the different roles involved in putting together a radio program. You will also get to prepare a one-hour program each week with your peers.

Get hands-on experience and learn in the producer's studio, giving you the ability to control output levels and edit live content. You will be in control and have the opportunity to live stream your shows over the internet.

Drama and performance spaces

If you’re passionate about acting and performance you can explore your creative flare in our drama studio and Nexus Theatre.

Our theatre and drama studios are used by Fringe World and we often host events from all over WA here.

Nexus Theatre

For over 27 years, Nexus Theatre has been home to some of WA’s best emerging talent and has been the backdrop to various events and performances.

Explore what Nexus Theatre has to offer.

MxLab and MxStudio

Are you interested in studying Graphic Design or Games, Art and Design? Learn in the state-of-the-art MxLab and MxStudio facilities and let your digital and design passions come to life.

This high-tech digital workspace houses a range of facilities to cater to your needs as an emerging digital professional. The MxLab also adds more capability to your studies as it allows you to learn in a facility that is specifically designed for the work you need to do.

This custom-built space allows your artistic and creative skills come to life. You can gain experience whilst learning in a purpose-built drawing studio, with ample natural light and flexible configuration and layout with privacy screening for life model work.