What kind of thinking does it take to succeed in the changing world at work?

Here at Murdoch, we know that agile, creative and critical thinking is the backbone of success in a world where you may change careers up to five times. And we're committed to preparing our students for this kind of future through our Career Learning Spine initiative.

The Career Learning Spine explained

The Career Learning Spine forms part of the curriculum in our undergraduate degrees. It is a range of units that are designed to give you the practical, transferable skills you'll rely on for your entire career. Depending on your degree, you'll choose up to three units.

You'll learn to manage your career, work in a digital environment, and network like a professional. And, depending on your degree, you may also get 40 hours of practical learning experiences.

You'll also have the flexibility to complete some units online and at your own pace.

What you'll gain from the Career Learning Spine

You'll have access to:

  • a series of online units that will equip you with transferable skills to realise your career aspirations
  • hands-on learning experiences to boost your resume and get you career-ready. You may be completing an internship, volunteering or working on a real project with industry
  • an online skills' assessment to identify your strengths and areas for development, along with a personalised career development plan to support your professional growth
  • an e-portfolio to track and manage your career journey from first year to final year, and beyond.

On completion, you'll have:

  • a personalised career management plan
  • the knowledge and skills to manage your professional identity online
  • well-honed networking skills to build industry connections that will kick-start your career
  • at least 40 hours of hands-on experience to enhance your resume.

How to participate in the Career Learning Spine

The Career Learning Spine is available to all undergraduate students. Depending on what degree you study, it may be a compulsory component of your course. If not, you may elect to complete some of the units as part of your degree. Check your course to find out if the Career Learning Spine units are compulsory for your degree.

You can enrol for the Career Learning Spine units in the same way you would enrol in all other units for your course. Enrolment takes place at the beginning of each semester.