Perth is officially Australia’s sunniest capital city, with more hours of sunshine than any other city. Here are some more details about Perth’s Mediterranean climate and culture.

If you would like to learn more about Perth’s climate, visit the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology website.


Perth summers officially stretch from December to February but the hot weather often continues through March.

In summer, the temperature can peak at 40°C on some days, so people generally stay indoors in air-conditioning or take a swim at the beach or in a pool. The summer sun is very hot with a high UV rating so it’s important to protect yourself with a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.

MonthsDecember, January, February
Weather conditionsDry and hot
Average temperatures20–35°C (68–95°F)


Autumn is March to May in Perth. The hot weather from summer often continues throughout March but by May the cooler mornings and days have arrived.

Autumn is a popular time for people in Perth to take advantage of the cooler but still sunny weather and enjoy camping trips and outdoor activities.

MonthsMarch, April, May
Weather conditionsWarm to cool
Average temperatures12–25°C (53.6–77°F)


With an average of around 728mm of rainfall each year, Perth’s winters can be rainy, cold and sometimes frosty, but never snowy.

Although many days in winter are still sunny, some visitors to Perth can be taken by surprise at how cold the winter weather can be. Remember to pack a warm coat or jacket for your stay, or you can buy one when you’re here.

MonthsJune, July, August
Weather conditionsCold and rainy
Average temperatures8–18°C (46.4–64.4°F)


Springtime often coincides with the busiest time of year for university students so it’s perfect weather to enjoy your study breaks. You might even decide to take a tour to see some native wildflowers which only bloom at certain times of the year.

Perth’s gardens and outdoor venues come to life in spring, with many outdoor festivals and events planned from September onwards.

MonthsSeptember, October, November
Weather conditionsCool to warm
Average temperatures10–22°C (50–71.6°F)