The US Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) has a variety of programs that pay education benefits for approved study or training to eligible students.


Each Veterans Affairs education program has eligibility requirements under chapters of Title 38, US Code (USC). Although you may be eligible for multiple educational chapters, you can only receive benefits for one at a time.

The US Department of Veterans Affairs determines your eligibility for educational benefits. If you have specific questions relating to eligibility you should contact:

Buffalo VA Regional Office (Foreign Schools)
PO Box 4616
Buffalo NY 14240 – 4616

Phone: +1 716 857 3196 or +1 716 857 3197
(If calling from overseas, dial 1 to go to the head of the queue)

How to apply

You can apply for a Veteran Affairs benefit can download and print a paper-based application or apply online.

If you receive Veterans educational assistance, you are required by law (38 U.S.C., 1775 and 1776) to provide official transcripts of prior education, training and experience at the time you enrol.

An evaluation of your prior education and training will be undertaken to determine if any units you completed at other institutions or awarded to you as a result of your military service can be applied to your proposed degree program and therefore decrease your course duration.

The Department of Veterans Affairs will issue you with a Certificate of Eligibility, which you will need to send to us at in order to certify your enrolment.

It is your responsibility to notify the VA Certifying Official if you reduce your hours of enrolment by withdrawing from a unit, terminating your enrolment, or making any other changes that would affect your payment status. If you withdraw or drop a unit, you may have to repay all or part of the benefits you received for the unit(s).

If the benefits for which you are eligible do not meet your expected costs, you may apply for additional assistance under the William D. Ford Direct Loans Program.