Purchase orders required for invoice payment

Murdoch University has a ‘No PO, No Payment’ policy. When a supplier submits an invoice for payment it must quote a valid purchase order (PO) number provided by us.

An invoice that does not quote a valid purchase order number will be rejected.

The ‘No PO, No Pay’ policy ensures invoices received can be processed efficiently to minimise delay to suppliers and contractors.

Exceptions to No PO, No Pay

There are some circumstances where a purchase order is not required to be referenced on an invoice. These include:

  • reactive maintenance works (emergency requirements)
  • telecommunication services (uncontracted services)
  • sole commodity supply and utilities (i.e. water)
  • postal services
  • rates (i.e. council and water)
  • payments to public bodies, including statutory charges and University memberships.

If you have any queries, please email procurement@murdoch.edu.au.