Our commitment to quality

Murdoch University is committed to a culture of quality assurance and improvement that supports the achievement of our University strategy and ensures regulatory compliance.

Quality review and improvement activities play a crucial role in ensuring adherence to educational standards, fostering continuous improvement, and enhancing the overall quality of our teaching and research, with a focus on staff and student wellbeing and success.

We align our quality assurance practices with the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) to ensure compliance with the Higher Education Standards Framework (HESF) and the Education Services for Overseas Students Framework (ESOS Framework).

Our Quality Framework

The Murdoch Quality Framework defines the academic and non-academic quality assurance and quality improvement activities which occur across the University. Our Quality Framework includes a comprehensive cycle of reviews of academic and corporate governance, academic and professional organisational areas, and research institutes. 

The Framework is the foundation for:

  • building awareness of and responsibility for the Higher Education Standards across schools and professional areas,
  • monitoring the Higher Education Standards via systematic, evidence-based quality assurance activities, and
  • navigating quality improvement activities via policy, process and system change.
Quality framework diagram

Figure 1: Murdoch University's Quality Framework


This is delivered through several integrated activities, including:

  • an ongoing cycle of reviews of all unit and course offerings, including data-driven reporting on the performance of courses and student cohorts,
  • a structured approach to applications for, and renewal of, accreditation of courses with professional bodies,
  • benchmarking against other institutions nationally,
  • ongoing review and development of policies relating to governance and management of learning, teaching and curriculum,
  • monitoring, demonstrating and improving regulatory compliance in relation to international education,
  • a cycle of quality reviews of all academic and professional areas across the university, including our research institutes,
  • ensuring committee oversight for each of the Higher Education Standards Framework (HESF) sub-domains,
  • a strong focus on alignment with the University strategy, mission and values.

Murdoch has been successfully re-registered by TEQSA as a higher education provider for the maximum period of seven years. Re-registration is due in 2028.

Murdoch University is registered by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) as an Australian University, Provider ID: PRV12163. Murdoch is registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS), CRICOS Registration Code: 00125J – WA.


For further information, contact the Office of Quality and Standards: quality@murdoch.edu.au