Meet our leaders

The Senior Leadership Team provides leadership to and management of the University.

Andrew Deeks

Professor Andrew Deeks

Vice Chancellor and President

Don A Klinger

Professor Don A Klinger

Deputy Vice Chancellor (Education)

Peter Eastwood

Professor Peter Eastwood

Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research & Innovation)

Simon McKirdy

Professor Simon McKirdy

Deputy Vice Chancellor (Global Engagement)

Chanelle van den Berg

Chanelle van den Berg

Pro Vice Chancellor (First Nations)

Martin Brueckner

Martin Brueckner

Pro Vice Chancellor (Sustainability)

Rebecca Bennett

Rebecca Bennett

Pro Vice Chancellor (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion)

Antonia Girardi

Professor Antonia Girardi

Pro Vice Chancellor (College of Business)

Jennifer Verduin

Professor Jennifer Verduin

Pro Vice Chancellor (College of Environmental & Life Sciences)

Guillermo Campitelli

Professor Guillermo Campitelli

Pro Vice Chancellor (College of Health & Education)

Deborah Gare

Professor Deborah Gare

Pro Vice Chancellor (College of Law, Arts & Social Sciences)

Parisa Bahri

Professor Parisa Bahri

Pro Vice Chancellor (College of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics)

Tony Pine

Tony Pine

Chief Financial Officer

Sharon Russell

Sharon Russell

Chief People Officer

Alex Iles

Alex Iles

Chief Experience Officer

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