The Elite Athlete Support Fund has been established to provide financial support to students registered under the Elite Athlete Program at Murdoch University.

Supported by the Student Service and Amenities Fees Murdoch University Guild

Study support for elite athletes

As an elite athlete you can apply for financial assistance of up to $2,000 towards fulfilling your sporting endeavours.

The funds can be applied to travel expenses to compete in national or international competitions or for equipment costs related to your sport.

Read the guidelines below before applying for the support fund.

What the fund offers

You can apply for one event or equipment purchase of up to $2,000 per semester and must apply by the end of week 8 each semester.

A maximum of $5,000 is available each year with up to $2,000 for each event or competition and may be divided between multiple applicants. Unused funds roll over to the following year.

If funds are granted then you:

  • must use the funds within 12 months
  • may not apply for funding the following semester.

The decisions of the Elite Athlete Support Fund Panel are final.

Become an ambassador

If you are successful in receiving funds you will become an ambassador for the University. You need to make yourself available for a photo for social media and provide a brief written report following your competition or event. You may also be asked to undertake activities such as:

  • be interviewed for a story published by Murdoch University
  • act as a mentor for current elite athletes
  • volunteer on open days or in orientation week
  • write a blog for the Murdoch website leading up to, during and after your competition
  • provide a story for local media
  • talk to other students in suitable forums
  • talk to the University’s Senate about your experiences
  • provide support to the Elite Athlete Program when requested.

To be eligible you must:

  • be currently enrolled at Murdoch University or have been enrolled and can demonstrate your intention to return to study
  • be registered in the Elite Athlete Program for the sport you are funding
  • have been enrolled for at least a semester and have a GPA of 1.5 or above
  • not be eligible for or receiving any regular funding or financial support from the Australian Sports Commission or the Australian Institute of Sport
  • not have received funds from the Elite Athlete Support Fund in the previous semester.

To apply for the fund you need to submit an application form by Friday week 8 of the current semester.

Incomplete or late applications are not accepted.

Your application needs to:

  • provide a breakdown of how you intend to fund the event or equipment purchase
  • include details of funding provided by family members or your own contribution
  • include supporting documentation with your application:
    • event - a letter from your registered sporting association confirming your selection or travel commitments
    • equipment expenses - a letter from your coach or registered sporting association confirming the need for the purchase.

If you are successful you will be notified by phone and in writing. Funds will be paid into your nominated bank account just prior to the date of the expense.

Applications are reviewed by the Elite Athlete Support Fund Panel (the Panel). The Panel is not obligated to distribute funds and the decision of the Panel is final.

The Panel meets twice a year, and may also meet on an emergency basis to review applications submitted by athletes who receive last minute notification of competitions or equipment requirements.

The Panel consists of:

  • the Elite Athlete Program Chair
  • a representative from Murdoch Active
  • a member at large.

The Special Programs liaison officer acts as non-voting chair of the panel and has a deciding vote in the event of a non–majority vote.

2023 recipients of the Elite Athlete Support fund

Semester 1 atheletes

Liane Seaman: $3750
2023 Cheerleading World Championships - Orlando, USA
Elsie Edmonds and Amelia Anderson: $2000 each
World Dragon Boat Racing Championships - Pattaya, Thailand
Two atheletes with medals standing next to the MU logo
Samuel Anderson: $1000
Australian Kendo Championships 2023 - Melbourne Australia
Madison Copeland: $2062
2023 Lacrosse Australia Senior Championships - Adelaide Australia

Semester 2 atheletes

Gemima Rahman: $1800
2023 U23’s National Softball Championships
Julie Paturau: $1800
African championships in Kitefoiling 2023 - Soma Bay, Egypt
Lisa Luce: $500
4th Australian Calisthenic Federation National (4th–8th July 2023) - Brisbane, Australia

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