Pip & Pop When Flowers Dream

Pip & Pop (aka Tanya SCHULTZ), When Flowers Dream, 2023, Single-channel HD video, 8:14 minutes, Edition 1/5. Purchased for Boola Katitjin in 2023, Murdoch University Art Collection.

  Boola Katitjin: Level 3, Student Hall (on rotation)


Pip & Pop (aka Tanya SCHULTZ)

Born 1972, Perth, Western Australia

Lives and works in Perth, Western Australia

Pip & Pop (aka Tanya Schultz) creates immersive and colour-saturated installations from an eclectic array of materials including sugar, candy, pigments, modelling clay, artificial flora, crystals, beads, rhinestones, and everyday craft materials. Her work draws wide inspiration from fictional geographies, tales of geological forms like rocks or mountains coming to life, and paradise mythologies where we can escape our earthly realities.

In 2022-2023, Schultz presented the exhibition When Flowers Dream at Kew Gardens in London. The exhibition featured a new installation created in close collaboration with scientists at Kew, which explored the idea of a food utopia for the future. This hand-assembled, technicolour installation was filled with foods identified as neglected and underutilised species, as well as other plant-based foods which have been identified as ‘foods of the future’.

This video titled When Flowers Dream includes images of Schultz’s sumptuous creations which float around the screen in symmetrical patterns. Like her sculptural installations, the imagery is visually spectacular but also encompasses important ideas about the ways we encounter and interact with our fragile planet, as well as offering a vibrant vision of hope for the future.