Stasis III by Aliesha Mafrici B 1

Aliesha ADEN, Stasis III, 2017. Aluminum sculpture. Donated by the artist with the assistance of Pacific Automation, 2023.

  Boola Katitjin: Near Level 3 Welcome Space (on rotation)

Aliesha ADEN

Born 1995 Perth, Western Australia

Lives and works Perth, Western Australia


This sculpture presents two key structures – one falling inwards, the other opening outwards. These two elements act as opposing forces that create equilibrium or ‘Stasis’. The artist presents this as a metaphor for finding balance and harmony within the chaos of everyday life.

In the artist’s words: “Stasis III is a conversation between two sculptural works, which each consist of four elements. These elements or ‘pillars’… reference the architecture we build our lives upon – love, family, trust, faith and so on. The pillars act as a metaphor for our inability to control existence but provide us comfort in being able to step back and observe the beauty and trust in balance.”

Mafrici hopes that this work will provide an opportunity to reflect on our lives and realise that no matter what challenges arise, there is something to be learnt about ourselves and how we assemble those pillars in our lives.