From protecting biodiversity on campus and reducing our energy consumption, to delivering research outputs with a global impact, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

Goals and commitments

Universities have a responsibility to equip the next generation of ethical leaders and innovators to understand global challenges and the role they play in rising to meet them.

We welcome this responsibility and in March 2019, we became the first Western Australian university to sign the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Logo Sustainable Development Goals

Signing the SDGs is a natural fit for Murdoch as these priorities align with our strategic plan, which outlines our guiding principles of equity and social justice, opportunity, sustainability and global responsibility.

The 17 SDGs are a shared global framework of priorities and targets that aim to tackle some of our world’s most demanding issues, including:

  • end extreme poverty
  • promote prosperity and wellbeing
  • protect the environment
  • address climate change
  • encourage good governance, peace and security.

Our teaching and research priorities facilitate student engagement in all 17 of the SDGs. By signing the University Commitment, we further strengthen our resolve to help improve our world, through our research, teaching and operations.

Our impact


Our research outputs are mapped to the SDGs, with our key research themes centring on food security, sustainable development and health future to provide life-changing solutions to complex world challenges.


Our flexible admission system pioneered access to university education for people from diverse backgrounds.

Many of our courses include sustainability, either as an explicit focus or a theme within units.


Around 83 hectares of our Perth campus are protected as natural, undeveloped reserve areas for their biodiversity values, as well as 'living laboratories' for teaching, learning and research.


We maintain campus biodiversity through policy and on-the-ground work to protect our resident populations of Southern Brown Bandicoots (quendas) and endangered black cockatoos and to manage fire risk.


We've reduced our energy consumption by 26% in the last four years by investing in solar power and energy-saving technology.

Plans are currently underway for the District Energy Project, a major renewable energy project at our Perth campus.


Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Talent Register reflects our commitment to improving equity across our workforce.

Our researchers and academics are a valuable source of information and specialist knowledge when the media, business and industry are seeking an expert.

Trees surrounding a clearing in the Banksia Woodland.

Walks and trails

Explore the native flora and fauna of our woodland and wetland.

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