Veterinary Science is an animal-based course. Students are required to participate in practical work involving living and dead animals and/or tissues from animals throughout the course.

The learning outcomes of the veterinary course together with legal and safety requirements establish a set of inherent requirements, representing certain inherent behavioural, ethical, social/interpersonal, cognitive, sensory, and physical/mobility abilities that are predicted to be required in order to successfully achieve the course learning outcomes and professional registration. While Murdoch Veterinary School is committed to making reasonable adjustments to facilitate the success of students with disability or from diverse backgrounds, these inherent requirements may identify significant challenges or barriers to successful completion of the course.

Indicative workload

The veterinary course may only be completed on a full-time basis, and any breaks from full-time study must be approved by the Academic Chair. Successful completion of the course requires an indicative workload of around 40 hours per week, with at least half of this representing scheduled learning activities. Some learning activities require mandatory attendance; in the later parts of the course, on-campus attendance will be required full-time on most weekdays. Attendance may occasionally be required after-hours or on weekends.

The veterinary course requires completion of extensive practicum/placement requirements (currently 21 weeks); part of these and some other learning activities must be completed outside of the standard university semester or trimester teaching calendars.

Progression requirements

Students must meet a number of course progression rules in order to remain in the course, in particular limits on repeating failed units. For a full list of the requirements, please refer to the additional progression requirements section for Bachelor of Science / Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (B1330) in the Murdoch University Handbook.

Intermission or withdrawal

Due to the high demand for limited places and logistical restrictions on facilities and staff, approved leave/intermission of study must be approved by the relevant Academic Chair and will usually be permitted only under sufficient medical or personal circumstances that may require supporting documentation.

If you wish to withdraw from the integrated Bachelor of Science / Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, please refer to myMurdoch for your available options. Students withdrawing from the integrated degree after three years may be eligible for award of the Bachelor of Science (Veterinary Biology) degree as an alternative exit pathway.

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