Launchpad is a flexible space that can be used for small meetings, co-working, training sessions, panel talks and larger events. We also have specialised printing equipment and other fabrication resources to bring your prototypes to life.

Prototype room

The prototype room houses state-of-the-art 3D and other print services to help take your idea to the next level.

Students and partners working with students can access our specialised equipment and resources for free as part of coursework or visualising an entrepreneurial idea.

We can print your design using our UPBOX+ 3D printers, available to use at no cost to students when producing a prototype or model related to coursework or a business concept.

For those not experienced in CAD we recommend using Fusion 360 to create your model for 3D printing, or for something simpler, Tinkercad.

To request a 3D printing job, email


Other equipment available in the Prototype room includes:

  • Epson A0 large format colour printer
  • A0 guillotine
  • vinyl plotter cutter
  • video recording and VR equipment.

Students can print up to two copies at no cost when producing prints related to coursework.

To use this equipment, email

3d printers and other equipment in the Prototype Room

Innovation, event and meeting spaces

Launchpad offers a variety of collaborative spaces ideal for activities related to innovation, entrepreneurship and business. You can choose to book single and multiple spaces or the whole Launchpad for one hour or multi-day events.

We also provide access to equipment to support your event at Launchpad including projector screens, a PA system, room divider screens, mini-kitchen and cameras.

Launchpad space – desks, tables, chairs and facilities

Book Launchpad for your next event

Launchpad is an ideal place to hold events like seminars, workshops, presentations or meetings. We aim to accommodate your needs as best we can, or we can help you define your requirements for setting up the space. If you are part of the Murdoch community and would like to hold an event at Launchpad, contact us at

Want to find out more?

If you would like to learn more about events and facilities at Launchpad or how you can work with us, contact us at, or visit us at 350.3.003.