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As a graduate of Murdoch University, we welcome you to the Murdoch Alumni family. A diverse community of over 100,000 like-minded people making a difference around the world.

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Life after graduation

Discover the personal and professional benefits you'll gain by staying in touch with Murdoch University.

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Our alumni are incredibly important to us. As an alumnus, you are a vital part of ensuring our university continues to evolve and bring depth to the student experience.

Our teaching and research programs create a strong foundation that inspires our alumni to think freely, innovate and make a significant contribution to local and national challenges. We are proud of each of our alumni and the Murdoch values you uphold as you forge your way in the world.

From leaders in politics, business and research, to those working for the environment or at the forefront of community development; the personal journeys of our graduates are a reminder of how the curiosity and passion that Murdoch University ignites, can lead to pioneering careers that make a difference.

There are many opportunities for you to become an active and engaged Murdoch alumnus. You can contribute by mentoring current students, joining a Murdoch University Board or Committee, or volunteering to support a Murdoch event.

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Celebrate alumni

Our Distinguished Alumni Awards celebrate the achievements of our alumni.

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